Common Snook

Common Snook

Family Centropomidae, SNOOKS
Centropomus undecimalis

Description: distinct lateral line; high, divided dorsal fin; sloping forehead; large mouth, protruding lower jaw; grows much larger than other snooks; pelvic fin yellow.

Similar Fish: other Centropomus.

Where found: from central Florida south, usually INSHORE in coastal and brackish waters, along mangrove shorelines, seawalls, and bridges; also on reefs and pilings NEARSHORE.

Size: most catches 5 to 8 pounds.

*Florida Record:44 lbs., 3 ozs.

Remarks: spawns primarily in summer; cannot tolerate water temperatures below 60 degrees F; can tolerate wholly fresh or saltwater; schools along shore and in passes during spawning season; feeds on fish and larrge crustaceans.

*The Florida records quoted are from the Department of Environmental Protection's printed publication, Fishing Lines and are not necessarily the most current ones. The records are provided as only as a benchmark.


Min. Size Limits:Not less than 26" not more than 34"

Closed Seasons: Dec. 15-Jan. 31 of each year & May, June, July, Aug.

Daily Rec. Bag Limit: Gulf, Monroe, Everglades: 1 per person per day
Atlantic:2 per person per day

Remarks: Snook permit required when saltwater license required. State regulations apply in Federal waters. Illegal to buy or sell.