Captain Charlie's Fishing Report

I enjoy meeting new people and I especially enjoy seeing old friends return year after year to renew friendships and enjoy the superb Florida flats fishing we have here in Homosassa and Crystal River.

I try to keep a regular log of what happens over the month while Homosassa Red fishing.  This is to let you know what is going on with the Florida flats fishing in our area.

If you want to go Redfishing, Scalloping, or would like additional information, or If you have any questions about fishing in the Homosassa area, please do not hesitate to either drop me an email at or call me at (352)634-4309.

Stop Wishing, Let's Go Fishing! ~ Capt Charlie

April 2018 Fishing Report

April 2018 Fishing Report April was Awesome! My clients caught a lot of fish including Homosassa Redfish, Trout, and Snook. Enjoy the April fishing pictures from Homosassaredfishing.

Trout fishing will slow down a little in May but we will still be catching them. Homosassa redfish will continue to be biting in May.

The Tarpon are here! I am booked up for May but have a few dates left in June for Homosassa Tarpon fishing. If you want to have the Tarpon experience, our world famous Tarpon grounds are the place to get it!

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Until next month, Tight Lines and God Bless.

March 2018 Fishing Report

January 2018 Fishing Report What an awesome March we had fishing our Homosassa Flats. We are catching out limits of Trout and Redfish here in Homosassa. We’ve had the occasional Snook catch with some keepers and some catch and release here on our Homosassa Flats.

As the water warms up in April, I expect the Homosassa Redfishing and Trout bite to get better and better. In March we caught a lot of nice keeper Redfish, Trout and Snook.

Don’t forget the Tarpon show up in Homosassa in May and June. If you want to book a Tarpon trip, you need to call early as I and the other few Tarpon fisherman we have in Homosassa get booked up early.

I want to thank all of the clients I had this month. I enjoyed having all of you and appreciate each of you. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Until next month, Tight Lines and God Bless.

Febuary 2018 Fishing Report

January 2018 Fishing Report Fishing has been great during February on our Homosassa flats. We caught our Homosassa trout limit on most days.

I expect to see the same results in March. Snook have been a frequent catch for us as well. However, the Snook season didn’t open until March 1st.

The Homosassa redfish are starting to come out of the backcountry following the last cold snap. It looks like we’ll have more cold weather, which is good, because my boats can get to and through the backcountry with ease.

I want to thank all of my clients for fishing with me this past month. It’s been good to get back to work after 5 months recovering from back surgery.

Tarpon season is right around the corner, May and June. I am getting booked up for Tarpon so If you’re interested in a Tarpon trip, give me a call. Until next month, Tight Lines and God Bless.

January 2018 Fishing Report

January 2018 Fishing Report My wife and I had major back surgery in 2017 and I was out for several months. I am now back to fishing full time. Thanks to all of you who called me to check in and for your prayers and well wishes. Your thoughtfulness means a lot to me as do the relationships we’ve built through the years, on and off the water.

As I said goodbye to 2017, I also said goodbye to three special clients, whom God called home last year.

Sonny Millikan fished with me for many years and became a close friend and father figure to me. He loved Homosassa and to fish in the Homosassa area. He brought me Zellwood triple sweet corn whenever it was in season. Just like Sonny, that corn was sweet.

Vivian Arnold became a fast friend and I knew she would the first time she called me to book a fishing trip. As soon as I hung up the phone with her, I told my wife “I’m am going to really enjoy fishing with her”. And sure enough, the first time we fished together I couldn’t wait to tell my wife all about it. Vivian was quite the story teller and she had plenty of stories about her life and her family. I didn’t have much time with Miss Vivian, but the times I did share with her were special to me.

Larry Haze fished with me for years. Larry came down every winter and most times he fished by himself. When his kids and grandkids could fish with us they did. Larry was also special to me and I will miss him dearly. They are now in the greatest fishing hole ever, where every day is a day to fish with the Master of the sea. They would all want you to think of them and be happy as they’ve gone out to sea. If we’re wondering why they’re missing, we’ll you know they’ve gone fishing.

It’s good to be back on the water. Recently I went fishing with an old friend, Captain Jesse James from Wild West Charters, and we smoked the redfish. We took my new Gator Tail boat which allowed us to go into the backcountry shallow waters and fish the holes where the Homosassa redfish go when it gets cold and there is no tide.

This is the perfect boat for our winter tides and fishing. When you hear the fish won’t bite because it’s too cold, call me. My Gator Tail boat will take you to where the fish will bite and where other guides can’t go. It was 32 degrees that morning and because my Gator Tail got us in places hard to get to, we caught and released over 30 redfish. Captain Jesse and I go way back from when our fathers and uncles used to hunt together and were commercial fisherman. Thanks Jesse for a memorable day on the water.

April 2017 Fishing Report

April 2017 Fishing Report Fishing in Homosassa was good during the month of April. We caught some nice sized Trout, Redfish, Cobia and Snook. If you haven’t eaten a Snook, you need to try one if you ever have the opportunity. Snook is a flaky white fish with a unique flavor.

As the weather heated up towards the end of April, the trout moved offshore in 7-10 feet of water. We are catching our trout by working jigs on the bottom. With offshore jigging you never know what you are going to catch. While we are targeting Homosassa sea trout, you’ll have the opportunity to catch sea bass, mackerel, small grouper, and the occasional small shark. It’s like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to catch.

We are still targeting redfish and we’re catching them on cut mullet. Don’t forget, it’s Tarpon Season which is May and June for Homosassa. The Tarpon haven’t arrived yet but could show up anytime.

I want to thank all my clients who fished with me this month. I enjoyed having all of you. A special welcome to the members of the Villages Deep Sea Fishing Club. A special thank you to one of the clubs’ seasoned anglers, Miss Vivian, who introduced me to the club.

Until next month, Tight Lines and God Bless. Capt Charlie.

March 2017 Fishing Report

March 2017 Fishing Report March fishing has been good on our Homosassa flats. We've been catching our limit of Homosassa trout. When the tides are in our favor we've been catching our Homosassa redfish too. We've been seeing a lot of Snook and today we caught a keeper in the slot. Nice big jacks are migrating north through our area. They are a drag screaming, rod bending thrill to catch. These fish give a nice fight.

Last week's cold front made for cold boat rides but as the days warmed up, the fish started to bite. We are catching our Homosassa trout in very shallow water because it warms up quicker. A lot of people want to fish for trout in the holes but the shallow water warms up faster. You can catch them in the holes but not as big or as many as we are catching in the shallow water.

February 2017 Fishing Report

February 2017 Fishing Report February has been a great month for Fishing our Homosassa flats. Fishing has been on fire with a lot of action for my clients. The bite has been frequent and anglers are reeling in enough fish for multiple meals.

The temperatures have been pleasant with cool mornings and bearable afternoons. We have been catching nice Homosassa Trout and Homosassa Redfish and getting our limits of both on most days. We are catching our Homosassa Trout on artificial lures and our Homosassa Redfish on shrimp. I recently hosted a group of Veterinarians who were in Orlando for a worldwide conference.

We had a shore lunch for the group, cooking their fish catches for them to eat before heading back to their Orlando hotels.

Here are some recent client pictures with their catches. A special thank you to my client who created the YouTube Video of this month's fishing trip.

January 2017 Fishing Report

January 2017 Fishing Report Fishing in 2017 started out with a bang before this cold front came through. As the weather warms up between fronts, the trout and redfish bite will be back on. While this cold front is here we are fishing for mangrove snapper at night catching our limits. Catching mangroves is a blast with a lot of action and these are tasty fish. Kids enjoy it because they are catching fish every cast and they stay occupied.

If you are interested in a night trip to target mangrove snapper, give me a call. Here are some pictures from recent catches. Take a look at the BIG Snook my client caught recently. It was 50 inches and a good size for the Homosassa area.